A taste of fresh milk.

BEAU. instant milk powder is made from milk that comes from the finest cows. In Holland, fresh milk is our secret to stay healthy and happy. Not only because it is nutritious, but also because it is very tasty!

What is inside BEAU?

Skimmed milk, refined palm oil or partly hydrogenated refined palm oil, milk permeate, rapseed lecithin (E322 – emulsifier), Guardian Toco 50 (E306 tocopherol rich extract) – antioxidant, beta-carotene (E 160a(ii) – dye-stuff).

Nutritional value Units Typical value Minimal value
Energy KJ/kcal for 100 gr 2127/508 2127/508
Vegetable oil (refined palm) gr. 28 28
Of which saturated gr. 17,5 17,5
Carbohydrate gr. 38,0 -
Of which sugars gr. 38,0 -
Protein gr. 26 25
Salt gr. 0,90 0,90

Organoleptic properties
Colour Light cream to light yellow, uniform
Smell Neutral, without foreign odors
Taste Milky fat, without foreign flavors
Appearance Loose uniform powder without lumps & scorched particles
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